Our mission at MK African Hair Braiding, is to live out our passion for beauty and service by lending our talent, creative vision, and transformative powers to meet our guests needs… and exceed their expectations.

MK African Hair Braiding offers a relaxing and welcoming environment that is both modern and chic. Our expertly trained stylists have a passion for what they do and make every decision with the guests needs in mind. Creative freedom is essential to the success of the service provider and grants them the opportunity to go beyond your expectations. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we try to completely accommodate all of your needs in an atmosphere of innovation and excellence. Without our guests we could not live out our passion, and as a result offer a multi-face services menu and wide range of products that allow us to meet the individual needs of every guest.

Designer Hair Care

You are invited to enjoy a uniquely personalized and accommodating service with us. An invigorating scalp massage is a part of every hair care service, and time permitting, will also be accompanied with such indulgences as hand massages and make-up applications. Our courteous and professional talent team will not only satisfy your stylistic desires, but will also educate you on product and technique so that you may achieve the look yourself at home. All services & products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Madam Makagbe Kelleh            Store manager